Disruption: Success in a Brave New World

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Disruption has always driven progress and change. Disruptors are critical thinkers who believe in unlimited potential. They don’t think outside the box, they believe that there is “No box.” They are passionate about creating things that people need before they need it. They believe there are endless possibilities and solutions. Healthy disruption are actions, philosophies, and principles rooted in core values. Unfortunately, the bad of it can produce things that no one else would dare to create for profit and selfish gains.

Disruptors come into an industry and create new and innovative products and processes that improve the quality of life. We have witnessed this throughout our lives within areas such as technology, medicine, environmental, and social change.

The downside of disruption is that often you have to go down a rabbit hole to find the method to fulfill the purpose. There is much error, and the vision can often get skewed. It is kind of the mindset that it is going to get better before it gets worse. It’s only through the unforeseen passion of disruption, that drives a person to forge on. It is unrelentless execution until the desired results are achieved.

I always imagine that meeting where Steve Jobs said to his team that we are going to create this device that is smaller than a personal computer but bigger than iPhone. It will be wi-fi ready and people can work on it just like a PC. Well, today we all know it as an iPad. The disruption was that he knew people would need this before they even knew they would need it. That is both inspiring and powerful.

Humanism plays an important role in effective disruption. It begins with an idea, concept, or vision. It passes through the intuition phase of “Need vs. want.” If it is truly a need and not simple a selfish want than it has legs. Next, it sits in the passion or heart phase. If the idea makes your heartbeat faster, than your on to something. Finally, it connects with your “Chi,” or the personal power and inertia that inspires you take actionable steps to see it to fruition.

It the disruption fails or stalls during any of those three steps, the idea should be re-evaluated. Did you miss something in step one? Was it more a want versus a need and you just didn’t see it? Maybe you kept telling yourself I am passionate about this but really it was like a relationship that was over a long time ago and you just could not bring yourself to end it. Or maybe, just maybe it is not the idea at all, but you are lacking the discipline to see the idea through to disruption with a solid plan.

Disruption is a practice. It requires relentless research and input of data. It is a process of trial and error to achieve the desired results. It is long days and late nights of failure and mishaps. The goal is to have the vision to see the end result and the impact it will have. It is the relentless drive and unwavering belief under scrutiny and criticism.

On a personal development level, we as humans can disrupt outmoded belief systems and habits. Through learning a new skill set and consistent practice, we can replace stinking thinking and bad habits with new ones that allow us to be the best versions of ourselves. It is never an exact science because each individual is unique and wired differently. But through the process of self-discovery and the commitment to bettering oneself, the affect can truly be life changing. Just remember, “Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle.” Know when to pivot and adapt but always keep your eye on the prize.

Above all, this your space and your race. True disruptors never live by the opinions of others. They see what no one else sees. They are willing to go against the grain and walk a path less traveled because they believe in the positive impact it can have on an industry. It is all about making the world a better world for everyone to live in, and disruption is the poster child for this movement.

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