Ego Does Not Serve

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I often suffer from the human condition of ego. I have come to accept without any reservation that my ego does not serve me in creating a successful business and life. I have experienced the insanity of my ego and the expectation that behaving from this mindset will somehow yield me the results to be successful. It never has, and the effects of ego have only closed my mind off to learning and growth. As I always say, If you are not learning, you are not growing, and thus you are not living. I have made it a passion to do battle with my ego at every turn that it rears its ugly head. its most dormant state, I recognize that it is just waiting to act out when I behave from a self-centered and selfish place. So here my tools for keeping my ego in check:

First, I honestly evaluate my actions and myself. I do this internally through writing, meditation, and prayer.

Second, I have my wife who I trust to call me on the actions that she can see is motivated by my ego.

Third, I have a team who I am constantly asking for their valued input to make sure I am always living from the values, vision, and purpose of our culture.

Fourth, I have a network of peers who I admire and resonate with. I actively listen to them and take to heart what they have to say and offer me.

Fifth, I constantly read and write to lear and grow. I live from the mindset of “Always a student never a master” which frees me from much of my ego.

I believe if I employ all five tools that I stand a better chance of living from my truer self, divulged of my ego. It offers me the potential for a balanced lifestyle that supports my values and vision. Lastly, I live by the life-skill of humility to counterbalance my ego. Being humble is a practice and also the foundation of modern leadership. Nothing feels better than to serve others, so serve your team and others well without ego.

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