In Turn Podcast – Interview with Brannon Beliso S1E73

Brannon Beliso

Guest Appearances
Guest Appearances
In Turn Podcast - Interview with Brannon Beliso S1E73

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Today I had an opportunity to interview Brannon Beliso who serves individuals, businesses, and companies in living their best life. As a critical thinker and influencer, his passion is to inspire the discovery of purpose.

Brannon is a Tedx Talk speaker and has presented at Facebook, Stanford Health Care, Lululemon, Microsoft, Barclays Global, UCSF Medical Center, Century’s Martial Arts Super Show, Kukkiwon’s President’s Summit, and the MyStudio Business Summit (held at Harvard) to name a few.

Brannon is an 8th degree black belt and CEO of One Martial Arts in Millbrae and San Francisco. He is an author and the creator of Kids Love Life Skills, a character-building system partnered with over 300 schools. Brannon also serves small businesses and martial arts school owners throughout the world with his It’s Time Consulting.

Brannon practices Kenpo Karate and has also trained in Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Arnis, Boxing, and Kickboxing. He has competed in and won over 100 major competitions.

Brannon has been featured on Evening Magazine, CBS Morning News, KRON 4 Health, Martial Arts Success Magazine, and Dojo Digest.

Brannon is the author of “Live, Learn, Grow,” a contributor to the internationally best seller, “Black Belt Power,” and has written features for several major martial art magazines, and blogs. He also penned the children’s book, “The Adventures of Bray & Tey.” Brannon has been a featured guest on podcasts ranging from mindset to culture building to defining your purpose. He hosts a local Facebook live show and podcast, “Success Never Sleeps” and “Mindful Meditations.”

Brannon is committed to being a student for life and serving others. Brannon is husband and father, the two things he is most dedicated to and proud of.

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