You Had Me At Hello

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The other day I walked into Peet’s Coffee to get my morning tea with my computer in hand. I needed to check my email and post a few things. I was a bit absorbed with the task at hand. I picked up my tea; found a spot to work and set about completing my tasks.

About fifteen minutes later, a woman walked up to me with whom I have sat within a group setting at Peet’s and have had conversations with. She asked me if I was okay and I replied that I was fine. She then said, “Well you didn’t say hello.” I explained I had been a bit distracted by finishing some work. She responded rather sternly, “Well you really should say hello next time.”

I share this with you because it reminded me of the importance of acknowledging people. In my business, we have a rule that my team must greet everybody who walks through our door within five seconds of them doing so. We offer them a “Hello” followed by their name. It is common practice that a person is often greeted by several of my team all at once. We even challenge each other to see who can say hello first to someone as they enter our school.

So my humble advice to you is this, show every person who walks through your door just how important they are by acknowledging him or her by name and with a “Hello.” This simple act of gratitude is one of the best retention tools I can recommend. And believe me, I will be mindful to offer that woman a hello next time I see her at Peet’s.

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