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I have a saying, “Do it smart, do it right but do it from the heart.” This is one of the core values that I attribute to the success of my business and a philosophy that I live by passionately.

I believe the challenge for some martial arts school owners is that they do it from their heart when it comes to their the martial arts instruction but often don’t do it smart and right in the rest of their business.

There’s another saying, “It’s not personal, its business.” That’s a hard pill to swallow for most of us when it comes to the martial arts, which just happens to be our business. I have to mention this because Itake what I do very personally but I make sure it doesn’t come from a place of ego. It’s rooted in the core value that my school’s genuine purpose is to serve our students, members and families. I hold myself at the highest level of accountability to insure that the needs of everyone who chooses to enroll in my school are met.

With that said, how do you do it smart and do it right? Lets look at the second part first. I believe the right way is through constant learning and that applies to every aspect of what you do as a martial arts school owner. That includes everything from martial arts training to reading everyday to attending seminars and workshops regularly.

The life-skill that fuels the desire for constant learning is humility. Behumble enough to recognize that if you’re not getting better, then you’re getting worse. Back that up with the mindset that you can always do and be better. Every successful business owner knows you must constantly improve your business to sustain and grow it.

The “smart” in this equation is the understanding that action is the catalyst to a successful business. You can have all kinds of great information and knowledge but if you never put it into action, then it’s useless.

I find that this is probably the single biggest challenge most school owners face. When I speak at seminars, I make it a point to ask the attendees this question, “How many of you come to these events, take a bunch of notes, go back to your school and do nothing with it?” I would say at least half of them raise their hands in response.

I believe the reason for this behavior is because many school owners simply don’t know what are the right things to implement into their business.

This is where we come back to the part about doing it from the heart.If I sit with humility and listen to my heart, I’ll know what is best for mybusiness and the community it serves. I also ask my staff, whose opinions I value greatly, what programs and systems they believe haverelevance towards improving our school.

Next, I do it smart by staging how to best implement a new system or program. This normally includes some tweaking to tailor it to fit into our unique learning environment. This is important because it allows usto incorporate our brand into the systems and programs we use.

So do it smart, do it right and do it from the heart. Write this saying down, tape it to your bathroom mirror, hang it on the wall in your office, read it everyday and make a commitment to take action on it. I promise if you do, it’ll offer you the potential to improve every aspect of your martial arts business.

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